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When I was approached to record an album, a million ideas went through my head at once. What should the theme be? Should it be classic or modern? British or American? New writing? Standards? In the end what we've put together is an eclectic array of modern classics and time enduring songs that have all affected me in some way. 


The title, Open Book, refers firstly to the fact that all the tracks are from book musicals. The book musical integrates music, lyrics and script, and for me, the seamless transition between sung and spoken word is what makes musical theatre such an exciting form of story-telling. Open Book’s second reference is to this being, I hope, the first chapter of more recordings to follow. The title also refers to how much of myself I have put into each and every song.


Thank you for buying my album. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


All the best,

Open Book is the eagerly awaited debut album from

West End leading man Jon Robyns, star of Avenue Q and

Les Miserables. A mixture of classical, contemporary and brand new musical theatre, taken from the book musicals of the world. 


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